Artist’s Diary – LYDIA COTTRELL

ENTRY #5 – Friday 31 January 2014

Lydia Cottrell - day 5

R arm over 1, L arm over 2, hands in 3 out 4, move to sides 5,6.

Move to top 1-6.

Turn hands in 1 move to bottom to 6.

Hold 1,2, R arm up 3, L arm up 4 in 5 out 6.

Move to sides 1-6.

Move up 1,2 turn in 3, down 4-6.

Everything has taken a final shape.

My body is not in good shape.


Lydia Cottrell - day 5   Lydia Cottrell - day 5   Lydia Cottrell - day 5

Fun facts:

Ravel, the composer of Bolero, knew he had a hit. ‘I have written a masterpiece,’ he bragged. ‘Unfortunately, there is no music in it.’

Bolero is now my inner soundtrack.

Lydia Cottrell - day 5

I am very happy with the outcome of this week and the feedback that I have received. I have many alcohol experiments now to conduct. Before retuning to perform.

Lydia Cottrell - day 5

Fun facts:

The full work by Ravel lasts for 15 minutes and is played somewhere in the world every 15 minutes.


ENTRY #4 – Thursday 30 January 2014

I had to endure primark this morning to buy things for the shedding section of Bolero. It wasn’t fun. I also forgot that I am now blonde and not brown when looking for hair extensions!

Today I am working with David Rosenberg my mentor.

It has been a really great working process. I now know what I want the work to say.

Fun facts:

It takes 30 minutes for alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream on an empty stomach. Alcohol will not even start to be absorbed into the bloodstream for at least 30 minutes, whether on an empty or full stomach. Body chemistry, metabolism, and digestive processes all affect how long it will take for alcohol to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

These are things I will be loosing on my night out.

I can’t even stand on one leg when I am not drunk.

Fun facts:

It takes one hour for each unit of alcohol to leave your body – this means if you had eight pints of ordinary strength beer and stopped drinking at midnight, all of the alcohol would not be dispelled from you body (and you would not be safe to drive) until about 4 pm the following day.

I can’t even say the alphabet backwards even when I am sober.


ENTRY #3 – Wednesday 29 January 2014

Lydia Cottrell - day 3

Fun facts:

Top 10 things to loose on a night out:




A fight

A shoe


Your voice

A contact


Lydia Cottrell - day 3

This is how I note down music, sometimes it actually makes things even more confusing:

Lydia Cottrell - day 3

Some musical breakthroughs for me. I am also now a lot clearer on my sections, how each one is going to pan out and what the intention behind each one is.

I have just realised how much I like to pace, I must have circled this room at least 150 times today.

Lydia Cottrell - day 3

I now have jewellery! I have also worked out how the sections will take shape…  

Part 1: The Challenge / The Dancer

Part 2: The Euphoria / The Shedding

Part 3: The Aftermath / The Return

Lydia Cottrell - day 3       Lydia Cottrell - day 3


ENTRY #2 – Tuesday 28 January 2014

Rehearsing without a table has let the choreography become a bit wild. This has now been rectified. It is so much scarier being up high and completely changes the movement.

2 Units:
-You’re talkative and you feel relaxed.
-Your self-confidence increases.
-Driving ability is already impaired, which is why it is best to drink no alcohol if you’re driving.

Lydia Cottrell - day 2

It is a challenge to work with the music, I am now hearing bolero constantly in my head at all times. I am even walking down the street to its tempo.

4 Units:

-Your blood flow increases.

-You feel less inhibited and your attention span is shorter.
-You start dehydrating, one of the causes of a hangover.

Lydia Cottrell - day 2

Am I a dancer or just a person in the pub? Am I wanting to prove a point or just show how alcohol affects the body?

6 Units:

-Your reaction time is slower.
-Your liver has to work harder.
-Your sex drive may increase, while your judgement may decrease.

Lydia Cottrell - day 2          Lydia Cottrell - day 2

I drink to let go, I drink for confidence, I drink to forget, I drink to oblivion.

8 Units:
-You’re easily confused.
-You’re noticeably emotional.
-Your sex drive could now decrease and you may become less capable.

Lydia Cottrell - day 2

Dancing with myself, dancing with myself! Dance like no one is watching.

There are 6 units in this picture:

Beers - day 2


ENTRY #1 – Monday 27 January 2014

Captivating, tension, drinks, drinking, music. How long does it take for alcohol to enter the blood stream?

Torvill and Dean, Britain’s best, binge drinking, boozy Britain.

Lydia and mentor David Rosenberg

Fun facts:


All varieties currently contain 3.5% ABV. This was originally 5.5%, but it was changed to 5% in October 2003 and reduced to 4.5% on 25 July 2005. The drink was first marketed in Scotland under the name ‘Wicked’ and was launched in August 1996. Initially available in 330ml bottles, the bottles were later reduced to 275ml, matching other alcopops.

Lydia Cottrell    Lydia Cottrell    Lydia Cottrell

Why is she doing this? You deserve your Saturday night bender. Have another drink we are keeping score.

Fun facts:

The main movement in bolero is repeated 18 times.


R 4 x 6 circle

L 4 x 6 circle

B 4 x 6 circle

B 4 x 6 circle

6 bounces

R arm over 6

L arm over 6

Hands to mouth

Evening experiments:

Does drinking with a straw speed up the process of intoxication?

Result: Yes

Spinning, balancing, drinking, to get wasted, painful, hardwork, why?


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